Best Home Improvement Projects to Increase Your Property Value

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Home Improvement written by: Erin Reynolds

Any kind of home improvement involves an investment of time and money. It is imperative these improvements provide a good ROI (return on investment) and increase your home’s value. All home improvements don’t need to be major — doing a few minor changes can also reap major returns. If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, think from the perspective of the buyer when making improvements. Take pictures of your rooms before and after making improvements to show progress, and always save receipts to justify your investment and home value.

Now let’s look at the various improvements you can make to your home:

Remodel Your Bathroom

While your bathroom is not the first thing anyone sees when they enter your house, an unappealing bathroom can be a possible deal-breaker for a potential buyer. Minor bathroom remodeling provides you with a 102% ROI. By implementing simple changes, you can make your bathroom look modern and stylish. Replace your old vanity and complement it with new faucets and showerheads to give your bathroom an instant new look. Additionally, install new light fixtures as well. 

If it has been more than five years, it may be time for a complete overhaul. Why? Because within 4–5 years is when your bathroom fixtures will get old, paint will start to fade, and leakage problems will arise. In addition to the changes stated above, your renovation can involve installing new tiling, replacing your bathtub and toilet, and re-painting your bathroom. 

Overall, remodeling a bathroom can cost between $10,000–$25,000.

Modernize Your Kitchen

Now, let’s move on to one of the most important rooms in any house: the kitchen. A minor kitchen remodel would involve, firstly, replacing old appliances with new ones, such as stoves, microwaves, etc. Secondly, instead of replacing your cabinets, refinish them. After years of use, your cabinets might look old and gloomy, but a refinish can give them a shiny, fresh feel, as well as enhance the look of your kitchen overall.

With a major remodel, you will aim to replace everything. Think of it as starting with a blank slate. You can change your countertop, sinks, and cabinets. You could also remove a wall to open up the space. Having a spacious kitchen is one of the key factors buyers look at when buying a home.

Remodeling your kitchen is considerable work and costs between $15,000–$50,000. However, when done right, it will lead to a 90% ROI.

Beautify Your Exterior

According to a 2018 report, the first thing anyone will notice about your home is its external appearance. So why not have a beautiful garden or front lawn to increase your curb appeal?

Landscaping does not need to be complex. However, it does need to complement your home’s look and color scheme. Depending on the size of your lawn, you could plant flowers, shrubs, or even trees. Your focus should be to make your landscaping look good all year round. For this, the insights of an expert are needed. Hence, do your research on the design and type of landscaping you want for your home and work with an expert for its execution.

According to one study, landscaping leads to an 11% increase in your home’s value, in addition to providing100% ROI and costing just $5,000 on average.

Build a Deck

Constructing a deck adds square footage to your home, increasing its value and providing up to 80% ROI. For homeowners looking to sell their homes soon, installing a wooden deck ($10,000) is ideal as it is considerably cheaper than a composite deck ($15,000–$20,000) while providing a similar ROI.

Additionally, a deck improves the aesthetics of your home and offers you additional space for social activities. The space beneath the deck can also be used as storage.

Home Improvement written by: Erin Reynolds


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