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The Best in Kansas City, Missouri Retail Contractors


Last Updated on February 10, 2021

As a metropolitan area that sits on Missouri’s western border and is divided by the Kansas/Missouri border.  (KCMO) is home to the region’s high-end and modern commercial and multi-residential real estate. The city is currently undergoing a major redevelopment that amounts to over $6 billion dollars of projects and urban improvements—a long-term plan that began at the turn of the century. One of the biggest industries that plays the most significant role in the city’s revitalization is the construction sector, supported by its impressive selections of professionals that continue to do their part in helping shape the city’s evolving landscapes, especially in modernizing the commercial and retail markets.

This article lists the best retail contractors in Kansas City. The firms featured here are Missouri and Kansas-based contractors that have completed multiple construction, renovation, remodeling, and addition projects in Kansas City’s metropolitan area. Our editorial team considered the firm’s awards, publication features, industry affiliations, and years of experience in the industry. We also looked at the background of the firm’s principals, every firm’s number of years in the construction industry, and their memberships with the industry’s most respected organizations. Most importantly, these firms qualified for this list based on the reviews and testimonials that they received from their clients as well as the records that highlight their quality of services, business ethics, and contribution to the industry’s commercial landscape. 


ARC General Contracting

6205 Goddard St., Shawnee, KS 66203

As a family-owned, local construction company, ARC General Contracting understands the region’s need for building professionals that have the ability to deliver enduring, quality, and high-performing structures but also focus on building practices that put the clients first. Since its inception in 2000, the firm has established a solid client base, completing its portfolio of projects that comes from referrals and repeat clients alike.

Much of the firm’s work for the hospitality, commercial, healthcare, and retail sectors can be found across Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Aside from having seasoned subcontractors and the most sought-after architectural firms on its side, the company relies on its background in site analysis, design concept development, cost estimating, permit procurement, and pad-site development to understand the scale, complexity, and fitting delivery method for each build. 

As a contractor of commercial and retail facilities, it has worked with some of Missouri’s most renowned local establishments. Richline Motorsports, a Missouri-based company that sells wheels, tires, and other parts and accessories for customizing automobiles, commissioned the firm to build one of its two locations in the state. Because of the early challenges in project cost, the firm and other subcontractors worked together with the project’s architect to come up with an innovative solution. Through a cost-effective and high-performing value engineering process, the project was finally ready to break ground. All these work and planning successfully accommodated the project’s financial requirements, timeframe, and the quality of development that the client aimed for.

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The Best Retail Contractors in Kansas City, Missouri