Construction Time-Saving Tips

We came across an article a few years back and believe that it is still valid today for construction time-saving tips.

The article from Restaurants: Development + Design called “Tips from the Pros for Getting Projects Done Faster,” by Dana Tanyeri illuminated some of our favorite time-saving tips that are essential for any ground-up, renovation, or remodel. We challenge you to try some of these tips in your next project; they may just help you save time, money, and frustration in the process.

  • Select conversion sites carefully. Older, multilevel and adaptive-reuse projects take more time.
  • Involve contractors and engineers early, before the lease is signed and designs are drafted.
  • Share objectives and budgets with all key parties up front.
  • Avoid designing or managing by committee, especially later in the game.
  • Set and adhere to decision deadlines.
  • Identify and order long-lead items early.
  • Clearly and quickly communicate the timeline impact of elective changes and delayed decisions.
  • Develop a comprehensive procurement schedule.
  • Get all approvals before demolition starts.
  • Have the right people at every meeting.
  • Tap local architects, MEPs and permit expediters who know the local code requirements.
  • With new developments, coordinate utilities with the landlord up front.
  • Never assume something has been done, has been ordered or will show up on time. Confirm everything.
  • Have a strong quarterback who knows where everything stands at all times.
  • Don’t fall in love with furnishings/finishes without knowing you can get what you need, when you need it.
  • Create a good design deck, including specs for plan B materials to plug in should plan A items be delayed or unexpectedly unavailable.
  • Be loyal to vendors/partners; they’ll better understand your needs and turn things around faster.
  • Planning a patio? Know the code requirements early. (Hint: they’re separate.)
  • Utilize time-management and project-management software tools.

 And most importantly for construction time-saving tips:


Tanyeri, Dana. “Tips from the Pros for Getting Projects Done Faster.” Restaurant: Development + Design. September/October 2016. pp 48-54.

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Construction Time-Saving Tips