Commercial Construction and Procore


ARC is excited to announce that we have integrated Procore into our commercial construction projects.  What does that mean for you as a client? 

Commercial Construction and Procore. One of the biggest challenges in construction today is document management.  Most projects have 6 – 10 “stakeholders” with 3 – 5 design professionals involved, 3 – 5 jurisdictions with authorities.  Yes, email can solve a lot of communication issues but Procore does a much better job of large format file sharing (over 10MB), time stamping, reminders to parties, and questions that require response.  In other words all stakeholders are moving along at the same rate of speed.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Procore project management software allows architects, engineers, subcontractors, clients, and our team to collaborate on construction projects seamlessly.

It streamlines document sharing by automated delivery of document and on going revisions to team members.  Procore speeds up the RFI process and makes communication between all team members easy while working across all devises and platforms.  It connects our job sites with the Project Manager through mobile capabilities. 

Procore allows us to distribute and view plans with all team member on any of their devices, wherever they are located.  It supports photo documentation, issue tracking, punch lists, and allows job report creation and submission.

Procore offers ongoing webinars as a resource to help their customers and clients to navigate through the process.

The most exciting thing that you as a client get from Procore is that it is absolutely free to use on our projects we do for you.

ARC General Contracting is moving forward in today’s environment and we are implementing as many tools as we can to improve our efficiencies in all aspects of commercial construction.  We are happy to walk you through our process.  Reach out to us so that we can create value and turn your thoughts into reality.

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Commercial Construction and Procore