Summer Internship Review

Summer internship review.

My name is Noah Verbraken and I am from Spring Hill, Kansas. I am currently a Junior at Pittsburg State University, pursuing a degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in Company Management and a Minor in Business Administration. Some of my hobbies include going to the lake, hunting, fishing, golf, and watching football and hockey. I joined the workforce at fourteen years old working for my dad at his painting company. Working for a painting subcontractor was a great job, but not something I saw myself wanting to do long term. Personally, working in the field as a laborer taught me about hard work and determination. I enjoyed the construction industry so much that it made me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in it.

This summer has been a rewarding learning experience for me. I could not have gotten better exposure anywhere else than I did here. I learned so much working in the field with the labor crew and the employees of A.R.C. Everyone was patient, extremely kind, and helpful to my internship experience. My hands-on construction skills were not great when I started. The people, the products, the equipment, and the processes I worked with strengthened my field skills. This experience has helped me better piece together what I am learning in the classroom. Being able to physically see and do the work hands-on was really rewarding.  I now recognize things I have learned about in school and see them come full circle out in the field.


I needed to be in the field to get the best of my internship. It taught me that I need to continue my field exposure.  I was asked to do a lot of things I have never done. One scenario would be pouring and cutting concrete. It was fun and I learned so much.


Working for A.R.C and a general contractor of their size has given me more exposure than I would have gotten anywhere else. I had little experience in the general contracting side of construction. Working with a smaller GC provided me with exposure and opportunities to do and try a lot of different things that I feel I would not have gotten working for a bigger GC. The one-on-one learning with our team, and the ability to meet and see so many different people and job sites has made my knowledge stronger.


The summer went fast and before I knew it my internship was coming to an end. I would have liked the opportunity to see more of the office side of A.R.C, and really take a look at a project from the beginning by participating in the bid process. I must say that my overall experience at A.R.C has more than satisfied my expectations and has made me more confident in what I am wanting to do as my career. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your team.

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