The Best Restaurant Contractors in Kansas City

ARC General Contracting has been featured in GC Magazine about The Best Restaurant Contractors in Kansas City, MO.  Below is the our feature and a link to the full article.  

The Best Restaurant Contractors in Kansas City 

GC Magazine October 31, 2022 by: Editorial Staff

Restaurants in Kansas City are spotted mostly around City Market and the Downtown area. Locals and tourists alike can find numerous restaurants offering different cuisines and a creative interior design that can elevate the dining experience. 

From Hawaiian-themed restaurants to fine dining, there’s always a place for people to go to satisfy their cravings. For restaurant owners looking to open their own space, it’s important to look for the best restaurant contractors in Kansas City to bring their vision to life. These contractors can also help build a unique restaurant that can set it apart from the rest. In this list are some of the most reputable firms with their years of experience, impressive portfolios, and numerous awards.

ARC General Contracting

7833 Barton St. Lenexa, KS 66214

Since 2000, ARC General Contracting has provided honest, practical, and quality service to its clients. The firm prioritizes client relationships and professionalism in every project it works on. ARC General Contracting has an impressive reputation for professional, retail, and restaurant projects. 

The firm is led by the principal, Gerry Crawley, and the President of Construction, Taylor Bauer. Bauer was a graduate of Washburn University and started working for the firm 18 years ago and was promoted to his current position in 2022. Gerry’s son, Jordan Crawley, has been with the firm for 16 years and was promoted to Vice President in 2022.

The firm’s previous projects were featured in Kansas City Business JournalNewsBreak, and NeuVision 360

A featured project of the firm is Hawaiian Bros in Kansas City. The spacious restaurant interior includes clean white walls and wide glass windows. On one wall is a collection of artwork with variations of the wave to maintain the Hawaiian theme. 

GC Magazine October 31, 2022 by: Editorial Staff

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