Two Longtime Employees To Leadership Roles

Two Longtime Employees To Leadership Roles.

By Mary King  –  Staff Writer, Kansas City Business Journal

A Lenexa-based general contractor announced leadership changes as the next generation takes on larger roles in the company.

Taylor Bauer was promoted to president of construction of ARC General Contracting. Jordan Crawley be vice president of construction.

The two have aspirations of buying the company from its owner and Crawley’s father, Gerry Crawley. He is stepping back but still will be involved in a smaller capacity.

“It allows us to take over some more and with that comes new roles,” Bauer said.

Jordan Crawley and Bauer both have worked at ARC since they were teenagers. Crawley has been pushing a broom since he was 10 or 11, and Bauer started right after high school. They have grown up side by side in the company.

2021 was a great year, and the company has seen sales grow during the past two years. This year is trending to be even better. While sales aren’t skyrocketing, steady growth is what the company wants.

“We don’t want to just go from nothing to 130%,” Bauer said. “We want a nice, steady trend that’s manageable.”

Crawley said that means intelligent growth. Relationships with clients and always honoring commitments set ARC apart from the competition. Maintaining a family-like atmosphere for employees is a priority, and keeping company morals and values in check is why people hire them, he said.

“If we were to just go, go, go without any thought process behind it, things would get lost and we wouldn’t take care of our good, long-term customers,” Crawley said. “We can’t lose sight of those things at all, for any reason. No amount of money really should cause us to sacrifice. That’s who we’ve been for 20 years, and that’s who we need to continue to be.”

It’s not unheard of to see Bauer or Crawley pouring concrete or swinging hammers with their crews. With 25 employees, they anticipate hiring about five more people in the next couple of years. Crawley said a 30-person staff would be ideal.

The goal is to keep everyone working and happy. With 100 employees, Crawley said he may not know everyone’s names. That’s not the type of makeup the leadership team wants to achieve.

“Our focus is a little bit smaller scale (compared to some of the bigger firms),” Bauer said. “We’re not really focused on becoming the big player in town. That’s not the type of work that we love to do.”

Restaurant, retail, hospitality and smaller office projects are ARC’s bread and butter. The firm did The Mercury Room cocktail bar and lounge, which Crawley said was one of the most interesting projects completed in the last few years.

ARC is No. 31 on Kansas City Business Journal’s List of local general contractors.

Two Longtime Employees To Leadership Roles.

By Mary King  –  Staff Writer, Kansas City Business Journal

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Two Longtime Employees To Leadership Roles.